Welcome to TrustedUpdate.

TrustedUpdate is a way for your agency to keep everything organized and in one place when it comes to managing your media and engagement.

It was built and designed by people who have first hand experience of managing high profile events and incidents in public safety and is for communicators who need to meet the unique challenges of working in public safety and government sectors.

TrustedUpdate combines the functionality of tools such as spreadsheets, schedulers, mailing lists, web page publishing, address books and ensures everything is current and correct for everyone you work with.

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Built by PIOs for PIOs


Create cases to keep all of your media and engagement activity in one place for your team

Press Releases

Easily create and send press releases directly from the case

Media Coverage

Monitor unlimited media sources and add directly to cases or assign to team members


Save unlimited contacts and groups of important stakeholders in one place for everyone


Support 24/7 and on-call working with assignments to ensure full media response accountability

Public Incident Page

Publish a page that allows media and stakeholders to see up to the minute information about evolving incidents. Simply signpost from social media and update on one platform.