Powerful media management software
for the Public Information Officer 

Manage the media, don't let the media manage you.

When working remotely is the new normal you need a simple yet powerful platform built
just for the professional PIO.

Fourteen days free access. No credit card required.

All the features a PIO needs


Incident case management

Document incidents and collaborate easily. View what's been happening, how it's being managed and what's being said internally and externally.


Attach shared documents

Upload and attach documents to cases and link with Google Drive, DropBox and more


Online media coverage

Get live media coverage and breaking news on your dashboard. Monitor your agency and what the media is saying. Include RSS feeds and blog coverage.


Contact management

Centralized records of media contacts with easy management and one click sending of press releases to groups.


Press release distribution

No need to work with multiple email tools and contact lists that are always out of date. Keep your contacts and press release templates up to date and consistent.


Coworker assignments

If you work different shifts and different locations simply assign and respond to tasks on different cases.

Centralized contacts

Forget out of date media and stakeholder contacts in different spreadsheets, address books and notepads. With PIOToolkit everything is in one place for you and your team.

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Automated media coverage

No more manual news gathering; all your news searches in one place and ready to share as a summary. Save time with coverage reports and easily share with those who need information fast.



Easy press releases

Create unlimited templates and send out press releases and media updates to different groups and people. Check open, read and click rates and create them directly from your case management.


24/7 remote working made simple

Make 24/7 remote working simple - assign tasks with deadlines and notes, media inquiries, coverage, cases and reports to your coworkers with a simple click.

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