Judy Pal

Judy Pal

Knoxville, TN, USA

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Tell us about your professional background

I've served as an Assistant Commissioner with the NYPD advising the Commissioner on all things communications-related. I have also served as Chief of Staff in Milwaukee WI and Baltimore MD; as well as communications lead in Atlanta, Savannah, Halifax (Canada) and the City of Irvine CA. I was also the Director of Operations at FBI-LEEDA and still teach for them, and at FBI Regional Command Colleges across the country.

What is it about communications, media or crisis comms that interests you so much?

My love of public safety. Communication is foundational to so much and the field of law enforcement and public safety hasn't spent enough time learning about it. My passion is communication and it ties in perfectly in today's world where we recognize transparency and legitimacy are vital to public safety and officer safety.

Why did you decide to write a book?

So many people were asking where to start when it comes to crisis messaging. Agencies have about three to five minutes to frame the narrative before it's framed by social media - it's imperative that messaging be well-thought-out and ready to go when needed.

What one piece of advice would you give to those wanting to start a career as a Public Information Officer or comms professional?

Network! Learn as much as you can, ask questions, and get to know people. This profession is very tightly knit, and your reputation will precede you.

Which book by any other author would you recommend?

"The Politics of Crisis" by my colleague Eric Kowalczyk

View 'The Politics of Crisis by Eric Kowalczyk on Amazon

Which podcast, if any, would you recommend?

Listen to podcasts that don't mesh with your perceptions!

Tell us about any professional groups you are a member of that you think would be beneficial
  • National Information Officers Association (NIOA) Past President 

  • Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) 

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP

  • Major Cities Chiefs' Association (MCCA)

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about or recommend?

There is good PIO training out there through the NIOA, FBI-LEEDA, ILEA, the IACP and others. Online, check out the Communications Practitioner's Academy for online, on-demand training 

Tell us about any other professional services you offer

Communications consulting and training for law enforcement and first responders in the areas of media relations, crisis communications, internal communications and internal cultural transformation. 

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View 'Preparing for Crisis: A First Responder's Guide to Messaging When it Really Matters' by Judy Pal on Amazon