Books for Public Comms Pros

Take a look at two books from the PIO Toolkit founder, Christine Townsend

PIO Toolkit founder Christine Townsend has written two books to help those who work in the challenging world of public sector communication.

The Frontline Communicator: A Comprehensive Handbook for Public Information Officers

The Frontline Communicator is a must-have guide to those who need a full guide to being a PIO regardless of where they are in their career.

"The Frontline Communicator: A Comprehensive Handbook for Public Information Officers" is an invaluable guide that equips aspiring and current Public Information Officers (PIOs) with the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in their role.  This comprehensive handbook covers a wide range of topics, providing practical insights, best practices, and expert advice to navigate the complex world of public information.

Community Engagement: A Straightforward Guide for Public Communicators

Unlock the potential of community engagement and transform your public sector communication strategy with "Community Engagement: A Guide for Public Communicators". This indispensable guide will help you create your strategy for building trust, understanding, and cooperation between public sector organizations and the communities they serve.

This book is tailored for public sector communication professionals, including seasoned PIOs, media officers, and public affairs experts, with a particular focus on those in public safety, law enforcement, and local government. Whether you're an experienced communication professional or just starting in your career, this guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to engage diverse communities, craft impactful messages, and establish enduring relationships that benefit both the public sector and the communities it serves.

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