Notion can be a powerful tool for organizing your work as a public information officer. We know of a lot of people that use it to keep their day to day tasks in order and some have built it to be their own awesome repository of information for a whole team.

Here are some tips on how to use Notion to keep yourself organized:

Create a dashboard

Use the dashboard feature to create an overview of your most important tasks and information. This could include a to-do list, calendar, notes, and important contacts. You can use this on a daily basis or for special events, incidents or projects.

Keep track of media coverage

Use Notion to keep track of media coverage and monitor how your organization is being portrayed in the media. You could create a page with links to news articles and use tags to categorize them.

Use templates

Notion has many templates available, including ones specifically designed for public information officers. Use these templates to create pages for press releases, media contacts, crisis communication plans, and more.

Collaborate with your team

Notion allows for easy collaboration with your team. Create a workspace for your team and use it to share information, assign tasks, and communicate with each other.

Organize your notes

Use Notion to keep track of notes from meetings, press conferences, and other events. You could create a database to organize your notes by date, topic, or speaker.

Create a resource library

Use Notion to create a resource library for your team. This could include important documents, guides, and templates that are frequently used.

Set reminders

Notion has a reminders feature that allows you to set reminders for tasks, meetings, and deadlines. Use this feature to help you stay on top of your work.

Take a further look at Notion here and see how easy it is to set up for you as a solo PIO or part of a bigger team.

March 5, 2023

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