PIO Toolkit has partnered with PIO Podcast to provide even more great resources and insights to the professional communicator.

Robert Tornabene, PIO Podcast founder and host

Hosted by Robert Tornabene, the PIO Podcast provides an in-depth look at the world of public communications through the experiences of a wide range of guests.

Robert, a hugely experienced PIO himself, has hosted over fifty interviews with communications experts in many different fields including emergency services, federal government and academia.

"The opportunity to partner with the PIO Toolkit will take the PIO Podcast to a broader audience. The win-win partnership brings the experience and background of Christine Townsend to level up the PIO Podcast.  I look forward to what this partnership offers towards bringing the PIO Podcast to new heights," states Robert Tornabene.  "The opportunities are limitless."

Christine Townsend, founder of PIO Toolkit has also been a guest on the podcast and wanted to take the podcast to a wider audience. “It made absolute sense to me, and many others, that the work Robert has done with the PIO Podcast should be promoted as much as possible and I’m so happy that we are working together to make this happen. Not only do the interviews give a fascinating look into the world of the PIO but they are entertaining and engaging and should be a must-listen for anyone who has an interest in this unique profession."

See all the PIO Podcast episodes here.

For anyone wanting to take part in the podcast or suggest an interviewee, get in touch with PIO Toolkit.

April 20, 2022

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