Remote working is nothing new to anyone who has worked as an on-call media liaison or public information officer.

If you've ever worked an overnight shift and found yourself in the middle of nowhere with only your phone and notebook to hand, then you're definitely no stranger to needing to have all your info in one place.

Now though, everyone is having to do it, which is good for those who struggle with needing lots of secure storage space or 24/7 collaboration and updates. It seems the world is finally catching up to the PIO way of life!

Make sure your contacts are up to date

Think about every person you might need to contact at any time. Then add some extras and alternatives just in case. Keep checking they are up to date as often as possible. People move around internally and externally and if you're stuck without access to databases and records, you might not be able to rely on anyone else to get them for you. Then, print them out, laminate them and make copies which you leave wherever you might be.

Keep a go bag to hand

Actually, have two or even three! One in the house, one in the car and maybe even one where you spend a lot of time. What is a go bag? It literally is that - something you can grab when you need to go that has absolutely everything to get you out of a jam should you need it. This means things like extra phone charging cables AND boxes. Umbrella, water, anything that suits your climate like hand warmers or cool gel. Non-perishable snacks, pens, pens and more pens (and some pencils too).

Yes, we always recommend a change of underwear and a mini toiletries kit. Imagine you're going on a long haul flight and you need to look and feel your best at all times. What would you take?

Make sure everything is available offline

It's easier than ever to get access to documents on the move with the likes of DropBox and Google Workspace but one thing you should always do on a regular basis is make sure that you can still access them if you don't have any cell access. It's great having all of your contacts in one place, but if you can't access them because you're stuck in the middle of a forest, then it's no good to anyone.

Check your access

You may have all of your favourites saved on one laptop or your home computer, but what would happen if you are suddenly required to use another device at a different location? Remote working has been made easier than ever but you do need to check that you won't be locked out because of security checks in place. Make sure that you have a list of all the IP addresses of where you could end up working and ensure that you can still get past those location security checks.

Media headshots

If you are ever called upon to host a large press conference or media staging and you need people to know who is who, it's often a good idea to have a page of media headshots of the most likely people to be attending.  Twitter profile pics, name and outlet should usually be enough for people to be able to easily identify key media personnel from afar. These can be given to your key team members who might be expected to ask questions and is a quick and easy snapshot, especially if they are new to their position.

June 23, 2021

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