About us

We are a team of communications experts that have worked in the public sector, Government and corporate communication sector. We wanted to create a tool that didn't break the budget, that helped us do the jobs that were slowing us down and preventing us from getting the real work done. We didn't want to just create software, but a community of like-minded professionals with the resources they need all in one place. 

We have extensive experience in all forms of communication from crisis to brand management, broadcast and written journalism in a wide range of topics. We've worked on some of the most high profile cases in law enforcement, healthcare, environmental and political issues.

We've juggled tight budgets while managing critical and sensitive issues and we know how to work with the media, government, public bodies, stakeholders and people from every walk of life. We want to share our experiences to help everyone enhance their skills and experience.

NEW: We have now launched PIOToolkit Jobs - a job board just for those who are specialists in public information and media handling. We've hand picked only the best jobs and we do so on a daily basis. 

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Join us

Our team is small but growing. We are currently looking to fill the following vacancies which are currently 100% remote. 

Content writers

Do you have the skills and knowledge to provide engaging, useful and SEO-friendly content that will support our members through their careers? We are looking for content writers on a freelance basis. 

Social media manager

In addition to our content writers, we need someone to manage the digital publication of all our content. It's vital that you know how to engage with people and not just broadcast. We are looking for someone who can identify opportunities to be part of a conversation with excellent strategic awareness and a good understanding of reputational risk.

Business development manager

We are in a pivotal time for expanding the PIOToolkit brand and we are looking for someone who can build our business partnerships, ad sales and platform expansion. Experience in the public sector sales market is an advantage as well as a key understanding of media and communications in these areas.

To have an informal discussion about any of these roles, please contact us with a brief introduction of yourself and your experience